The Vegas Lawyers: Las Vegas Criminal Defense - DUI - Drugs
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Who are you guys?

We’re The Vegas Lawyers

It’s pretty simple, we are the best criminal defense lawyers in Vegas. We know the laws, and we know how to represent you effectively in court.


Our primary specialization is DUI representation and drug offense representation, but we also handle all types of criminal defense cases.


Don’t gamble with your future or your life. Our marketing is crazy, but our lawyers are dead serious about your legal rights and your case.

We are also the best DUI attorneys in Las Vegas. If you have been arrested for DUI (alcohol, marijuana or drugs) do not risk the harsh penalties that go with a DUI conviction.



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Don’t Gamble With Prison – Hire A Criminal Defense Law Firm You Can Trust

Why Hire The Vegas Lawyers As Your Criminal Defense Attorneys?

The Vegas Lawyers is a full service criminal law firm that defends Las Vegas citizens against all felony, misdemeanor, juvenile and DUI types of charges.


Our attorneys have decades of experience defending clients against all types of criminal charges, and some have even held the position of Judge in Las Vegas.


We have successfully fought every type of criminal charge including solicitation for prostitution, drug charges, domestic violence and battery, casino markers (casino debt), DUI (whether it’s alcohol or drug related), as well as grand larceny.


We employ in-house private investigators, who will actively pursue every aspect of evidence gathering and situational analysis, to assist our attorneys in securing not guilty verdicts at trial, as well as case dismissals if we are short of trial. We can probably help you avoid jail time, and might be able to get your charges dismissed altogether or significantly reduced.


What Cases Do You Take On?


We are constantly asked what types of cases we defend, and what are our specialties. Some of the most common cases that we see in Las Vegas involve domestic violence, DUI, solicitation for prostitution and casino markers.


The domestic violence charges are probably the most common types of cases due to the fact that it is typical procedure for the police to make an arrest if they have been called for a domestic violence incident.


Domestic Violence Cases


If you have been involved in an argument or altercation with your significant other, and someone called police in order to protect the safety of both parties, it is common for the police to make an arrest of one of the parties involved. In most cases the male subject is the one arrested, and unfortunately this common knowledge, and it is sometimes abused by the other party.


Many times a jealous spouse or significant other will use the threat of the domestic violence arrest as leverage in an argument. This leads to many innocent people being arrested every year on domestic violence charges in Las Vegas.


Many people do not even realize that simply making the call can or will result in an arrest. This means that once 911 is called by someone as a way to simply intimidate the other person, the police will most likely make an arrest of that person’s partner whether she or he wants them to or not. The Vegas Lawyers have successfully defended many domestic violence charges, and can help keep that DV charge off your record.


DUI Cases


DUI is one of the most common arrests that is made in Las Vegas. This is due to the simple judgment issues that surround drinking alcohol or using marijuana.


People often make the mistake of believing that they are ok after drinking multiple alcoholic drinks, then they get into their car and drive off. Once they start driving, they get pulled over and arrested for DUI.


For these types of cases we will generally challenge the legality of the stop and challenge the testing procedures and results. In many cases we can get the charges completely dismissed or reduced. Keeping that DUI off your record is of critical importance to your future. We successfully defend DUI cases every day.


Solicitation of Prostitution


If you have been arrested for solicitation of a prostitute, of for prostitution itself, you are not alone. Every year there are hundreds of arrests in Las Vegas of people did not know that prostitution is illegal in Clark County.


It is very common for these people to be from out of town, and ultimately facing the confusion of what happens after being arrested while on vacation.


We have many years of experience defending these types of cases and keeping tourists out of jail. We can help you if you get into trouble while visiting Las Vegas.


Why Hire The Vegas Lawyers?


Simple, we are the best at what we do, we are completely committed to making sure your rights are not violated, and we are passionate about your right to having the best attorneys helping you in court.


Just because you were arrested doesn’t mean you are guilty, and just because you are guilty doesn’t mean that the arrest was legal.


It is our job to make sure your side of things is heard.

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Been arrested in Las Vegas?

We will help you avoid jail time.

We Are A Top Las Vegas Criminal Defense Law Firm

Without our help, you may be sentenced to the following:


Possible 1-4 years in prison.


Possible 2-5 years in prison.


Possible 8-20 years in prison.


Possible 10 days-6 mos. in prison.


Life in prison.

Arrested for DUI? Call The Vegas Lawyers.

DUI Lawyers Las Vegas

If you have been arrested in Las Vegas for DUI, you are going to need the best DUI lawyers in town. A DUI charge can result in fines, loss of your license and traffic school, or even jail time.


The difference between losing your license and getting the charges dropped is probably going to come down to how good your DUI lawyer is. This is why we specialize in DUI arrests.


Our DUI lawyers are the best at what they do. They are going to look at the reasons that you were pulled over, the tests that were administered and the things that the arresting officer said and did.


We are going to fight hard and use our experience to make sure that you get the least amount of punishment possible, and there is a good chance we may be able to get the charges dropped completely. Only experienced DUI attorneys understand how to make this happen.


A DUI can really ruin your life. If you have a CDL you may never be able to get a job again. If you need to drive to work, a loss of a license can really impact your ability to earn a living.


A DUI conviction can follow you for the rest of your life. We will work to get you through this.

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Will I Go To Jail For A First Time DUI?


dui first


dui second


dui third
What Happens When You Get A DUI?

The main question that most people ask when they hire a DUI lawyer is “can they put me in jail for a first time DUI?”


Even though the answer is “YES”, it is a rare case that you would be sentenced to serve more time than you already have in the state of Nevada. The law in Nevada states, that a person convicted of a first time DUI must serve a minimum of two days in jail, but the judges will usually consider the arrest and initial incarceration as two days credit toward the time served.


If you were bailed out before two days was served, the judge will usually order 48-96 hours of community service instead of the remaining jail time. You will also receive a suspended sentence of six months in jail if you commit another crime during your probation, but this can be avoided by following all the rules and doing everything that you are told to do.


If you receive another DUI within seven years of your first, you will probably receive a standard sentence of ten days to six months in jail, or residential confinement. Fines for second offenses are usually $1,100 in Las Vegas courts.


Don’t gamble with your future if you have been arrested for DUI in Las Vegas. The penalties that are imposed by the judge can be minimal or they can be harsh. This is going to be decided by how well your DUI lawyer knows the system, and how you have conducted yourself.


We are the top Las Vegas DUI lawyers. We are your best bet for the lightest sentence possible.

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