If Your Friend Gets Arrested With Drugs In Las Vegas, Here Is What To Do.
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If Your Friend Gets Arrested With Drugs In Las Vegas, Here Is What To Do.

So you’re sitting at home minding your own business when a call comes through from a friend or loved one who was on vacation in Las Vegas.  While you thought they were having a good time, they were actually getting arrested.  Now they’re calling you from jail and asking you to help them.  This can be a terrifying and confusing time, but doing a few things specifically is going to be able to help them as much as you can help them.  They are probably contacting you because they’re scared and confused, and don’t know who else to call.  They might be afraid to call their parents or their loved ones.  This is when you need to know what to do to help them.  You have probably never been arrested yourself and have no experience with the process.  This is where we can help you to help them.

Chances are your loved one was arrested for one of the crimes that is commonly committed by tourists in Las Vegas.  Drug possession, fighting or assault, and DUI are the most common charges that people face when they’re on vacation in the city.  These are basically crimes that involve drugs and alcohol, and are mostly committed by tourists who believe that Las Vegas police do not enforce the laws simply because Las Vegas is a party city.  The marketing that people see in order to promote Las Vegas gives them the impression that anything goes, this is far from the truth.  If you commit a crime in Las Vegas there’s a good chance you’ll be arrested if you are a local or a tourist.  The police do not give special treatment to people from out of town or from other countries.  If you break the law you’ll end up in jail.

So your loved one is in jail, what you do?  If they were arrested for drugs, there is a good chance that they will be in jail for somewhere between 48 and 72 hours before they can see the judge.  Once they’re in front of the judge he will determine how much bail is necessary to release them.  This process may be sped up if it is a weekend or a holiday, just because the jail might be overcrowded.  In overcrowding situations, many times the choices made to let nonviolent offenders of both felony and misdemeanor status free sooner than the typical process will take.  While the person is counting the minutes to getting out of jail, the best thing you can do is have bail arranged before hand.  For each charge there will probably be more than $3000 required for bail.  If you do not have enough money to post bail for them, then you must contact a Las Vegas bail bondsman immediately.  The bail bondsman will be able to arrange for bail to be posted on their behalf.  While the bail itself will be returned to whoever posted it when the person shows up in court, the fees that are charged by bail bondsman are not returned.  You must understand this when using the bail system.

Once they are released, they will be given paperwork that will discuss the crime they are charged with, and give them information on the date when they must return to Las Vegas to go to court.  If they do not show up the bail will be forfeited, and a bench warrant for their arrest will be issued.  A warrant will result in arrests in any city, not just Las Vegas.  A warrant on a person from another country can result in serious issues with immigration.  They can turn you away at the border of the United States, or arrest you upon entry.  The best advice is to not try running from the charges, and instead to simply arrange for a criminal justice attorney to represent you in court.  The second call you make after the bail bondsman should be to the best criminal lawyer you can find.  Luckily, you already found them.  The best thing you can do for your love one is to call us immediately.