The Most Common Tourist Crimes In Las Vegas.
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The Most Common Tourist Crimes In Las Vegas.

People come to Las Vegas to have a good time, and a lot of times that means breaking the law.  Because Las Vegas is the kind of place that encourages you to do the things they don’t do at home, many people interpret this to mean that the laws aren’t enforced here.  They understand things like drug possession are illegal, but they believe that because they’re in Las Vegas they aren’t going to be arrested.  Many people find out the hard way that this is a big mistake.  The police in Las Vegas are going to arrest you if they find out you have committed a crime.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a local or from another state, or even another country.  If you break the law there is a good chance you’ll be arrested.  If you believe that no one is watching you, think again.

In Las Vegas, there are cameras on you nearly all the time.  Any time you’re in a casino you can assume that you are being watched by security.  Even when you are in the bathroom or in a private area like a cabana you have a rented, you have to assume that security personnel is watching you.  This is because it is so common for people to attempt to commit crimes in Las Vegas, that security personnel and police have grown quite used to looking for exactly what you’re doing.  Even though alcohol and marijuana are legal in Las Vegas, many people still find themselves getting in trouble with regards to alcohol and drug related crime.  Many arrests happen every year because people have too much to drink and end up getting in fights.  Other times, people are approached by those offering illegal substances, and they purchase them thinking that they will not get in trouble because it is Las Vegas.  Illicit drugs are illegal in Nevada, and their possession is a felony.  If you have more than a small amount on you at any time, the charge can actually be something more serious like trafficking.  Your best bet is to not break the law in Las Vegas, and if you do you have to assume that you’re being watched.

Drugs are one of the most common reasons for arrest in Las Vegas.  People try to sneak drugs into the pool parties and nightclubs all the time.  The security personnel that works the door is going to search you before you are allowed in.  You have to understand that these are thorough searches, and they’re going to look in every pocket and every space in your purse.  You will probably be patted down and have your clothing searched.  Too many people think that they will not be searched going into a club because it is Las Vegas.  They then find out the hard way that security doesn’t just turn you away, they call the police to arrest you.  If you are arrested in Las Vegas and you are a tourist, it can have serious implications on your life.  If you have been arrested while in Las Vegas contact us immediately.